Stevens Decoy Photo Catalog

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This page describes the services of assessments, appraisals, and consulting services related to decoys attributed to Stevens Brothers of Weedsport, NY, made between 1860 to 1910.  Since 1988, I've tried to record every Stevens decoy that I has seen in books, auction catalogs or I've handled at auction and private collections. I have recorded every example from the greatest collectors of Stevens Decoys in history including the late Charles Hickey of Cayuga, NY; George W. Thompson of Cazenovia, NY; Peter Bartlett of Barnegat Bay, NJ; Phil Mott of Vicksburg, MI and Dr. Peter Muller of Atlanta, GA. For more than 30 years, people have sent me photos of their Stevens decoys.  All useful examples have been added to the record. I enjoy the detective work of identifying and tracking a decoy through auctions and private sales.  Sometimes this information can reveal a repair on a decoy because occasionally a decoy will become “improved” from the last time it was accurately described in a catalog with a repair.  There is a very good chance  that your decoy is in the log with insightful notes and, with a little luck, something about its history. I use the record to research decoys, prepare decoy appraisals, establish provenance and prepare auction record reports. I can help identify decoys and authenticate Stevens Decoys. I specialize in helping collectors acquire the right decoy for their collection.  


Regarding a decoy you may have questions about, I charge a small fee to provide a few  different services that may be useful to you. I'm happy to receive a few photos and tell you which service is right for you, or give you my opinion at no charge.