Everyone should own a Stevens Decoy

Updated: Jul 8

It seems only fair that every man, woman and child ought to own a Stevens Decoy. If not for perfect entitlement, then, at least, to stimulate a decoy economy. My point is not political, but rather social. Because of the inestimable blessings of our country, I have the good fortune to share what I have spent a lifetime collecting. Helping people learn about Stevens Decoys makes for a good station in life and I’m happy to serve as needed.

You may think my hope for everyone to want a Stevens Decoy is to increase the value of my collection, but that is not the case. I haven’t enough of them to make a difference. And it’s not because I’m from New York state, or because my wife‘s family lives close to Weedsport. Although, occasionally over the past 37 years, she has jokingly accused me of marrying her with geographic motives! My reason to invite others to collect Stevens Decoys is very simple. It’s the same reason I first began collecting Steven Decoys in the first place; it's because they’re so easy to identify. Yes, while reading Joel Barber’s Widlfowl Decoys book in 1987 and knowing I couldn’t tell a Wheeler from a Ward, I chose Stevens Decoys because they all had two 7/8th's inch drilled holes on the bottom; one for the recessed staple and one for the recessed lead ballast. Many, I thought, were also stenciled with the Stevens name. With that information I could become a Stevens collector much easier and much faster than pursuing any other makers. That simple expectation turned into a lifelong pursuit of learning about Stevens Decoys.

Today, it’s even easier to become a Stevens Decoy collector because of the books written about them and, more recently, the access to instant information. My one-of-a-kind database of Stevens Decoys is the tool I use to help other collectors. This, I believe, is the duty of every decoy collector. I intend to do my part but I need some help promoting the site. I don’t want to rely on a popular meme to get attention and I’m too inept at social media to get the word out. I think the site is finally robust enough to be interesting to visitors. So please post a link on social media or whatever else should be done. In the words of our Constitution, let us "form a more perfect union" – now that, I mean personally and politically!

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